• Good news for Indian students as France eases Covid travel restrictions

    Update on international travel: Good news for Indian students and researchers, France has now relaxed travel restrictions linked to Covid. Thus, Indian students can now go to France to continue their studies. Scroll down for more details.Also read – Now is not the right time to travel to the Philippines from India. here’s why Check […]

  • Six big contenders in two energy offers

    September promises to be a month of developments and clarity for the landscape of energy privatization in Greece, tenders for the sale of 100% of DEPA infrastructure and 49% of the network operator of Hellenic Electricity Distribution (DEDDIE) being almost completed. The two tenders are going smoothly, mainly thanks to the interest of six parties, […]

  • Coronavirus Live News: Deaths in England and Wales Peak in Three Months; Indonesia faces increase in cases | World news

    IndonesiaBritish Columbia health workers are struggling under the weight of new cases seven days after the world’s fourth most populous country suffered its deadliest day with 2,069 deaths. As of Sunday, the total number of official cases stood at over 3.4 million with 97,291 deaths, although with poor testing and many people dying at home, […]

  • Reviews | France has brought passes for vaccines. People are not happy.

    PARIS – At a time of the year when the French are traditionally divided between the “juillettistes” (who go on vacation in July) and the “augustiens” (who leave in August), the last few weeks have seen hundreds of thousands of people with a single rallying cry: “Freedom! These demonstrators are united against the new French […]

  • The economic benefits of cities in the developing world

    Dulani Chunga moved from a safe, quiet but poor village in Malawi to Blantyre, the main business town, in hopes of changing her fate. He was drawn to the stories of streetlights, the opportunity to earn money and the chance to send his children to school. He lives in Ndirande, a huge slum with sordid […]