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Why is a French hamlet called Fleur d’Ecosse?


Connexion spoke with the mayor of the commune, Jean-Claude Flinois, who said there was no sure answer but that theories abound on the name, which also appears in the main street of the hamlet, the rue de la Fleur d’Ecosse. Flower of Scotland simply means “flower of Scotland” and Mr. Flinois stated that it first appeared on maps in 1714.

The simplest explanation is that it is the thistle, the national flower of Scotland, because at the time thistle was cultivated in the area. It was known as fuller’s thistle, in reference to an old textile trade, because of its flowers with slightly hooked thorns, which were used to card wool.

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However, there are other possible explanations. In the 18th century, escosse (an old word for Scotland) could also mean “meeting”, he said. At a time, “FlowerWas a common French female given name, dating from the Middle Ages. He suggested “the best” or “an elite”, as in flour flower, which means the best quality flour.

“One could imagine that the neighborhood might have been a farm specializing in growing thistles for the clothiers in the region, or someone called Fleur might have run a tavern or an inn, which are places meeting, “said Mr. Flinois. It is also possible that the area was so named because it was on a road to (or from) Scotland.

“In any case, it’s a pretty street and a hamlet in our village – a very hilly place in our otherwise flat country,” he added.

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