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Want to sell your phone for instant cash? There is an application for that !

This article was brought to you by CompAsia

Want to sell your old phones but don’t bother dealing with online marketplaces? Finding a good selling price, posting an ad online, meeting the buyer, and waiting for the money to come in can be quite complicated. These markets are often full of scammers and con artists who want to take advantage of you. There must be a better way!

There is actually an app that does all of this for you from the comfort of your own home. Discover InstaCash: the app that offers you the best price for your used phone and transfers the money to you as soon as it picks it up.

What is InstaCash?

InstaCash by CompAsia is an application that allows you to get an accurate quote for your used smartphones and tablets in 5 minutes. Just use the InstaCash app to automatically get the trade-in value, let their courier pick up your phone, and get money to your bank account on the spot. If you’d rather spend that money on something else you need, you can opt for a voucher instead of the wire transfer to purchase a new phone, gadgets, and even household items from one of InstaCash’s partners!

Do you have faulty smartphones lying around your house? They can take them too! If the phone can’t even run the app to get a diagnosis, you can contact InstaCash on their social media or WhatsApp for a quote.

Want the best deal on the new iPhone 13?

InstaCash currently has a campaign underway to promote their service as the best deal to get the new iPhone 13. The way it works is you can offset the price of the brand new iPhone 13 against the value of your trade-in plus a surcharge. recharge of RM300!

For example, suppose the trade-in value you received from InstaCash is approximately RM 2,450. In addition to this trade-in value, InstaCash offers an additional top-up of up to RM300. Once you have successfully redeemed your device, InstaCash will offer you a voucher worth up to RM2,750 to redeem with one of InstaCash’s partners to purchase the new iPhone 13. This is a offer hard to find!

How to use InstaCash?

To trade in your phone, simply download the InstaCash app here. Then just follow four simple steps: Download, Diagnose, Confirm, Get Paid. You can read more about InstaCash on their website.

Avoid crooks and low-ballers, sell your pre-loved phone and get instant cash hassle-free with InstaCash

You will never have to deal with online marketplaces to sell your devices again, because InstaCash does it all for you. Just pick up your used phone, let the app do its magic and get paid as soon as they pick it up!

You can also buy quality pre-loved phones from CompAsia

Besides the InstaCash app for customers to trade in their phone, CompAsia also sells used phones on the CompAsia website. With your purchase, you get free shipping, a free one-month warranty, and a complete package with adapter and cable included.

If you’d rather buy a brand new device, then CompAsia can help you there too! With their Renew + service, you can get a new device and pay in monthly installments. Renew + lets you pay for devices over 36 months with installments as low as RM57 per month.