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Ukraine says it will “clean up Severodonetsk” in 2-3 days with MRLS

In the midst of the Russian-Ukrainian war in Eastern Europe, the Norwegian government provided nearly 22 “M109 155mm tracked self-propelled howitzers” to help Ukraine repel Russian strikes. Apart from this, the government has also donated equipment, spare parts and ammunition. Norway also provided training to Ukrainian soldiers on the use of the device.

According to an official statement, the Norwegian army recently replaced its M109 artillery pieces with new South Korean artillery, although the M109 remains in storage. He added: “22 of them were donated, along with equipment, spare parts and ammunition. Norway also trained Ukrainian soldiers to use the system. This training took place in Germany.” .

Earlier in April, Norway decided to supply 100 anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine. According to Sputnik, Norwegian Defense Minister Gram had claimed that Ukraine could receive a supply of 100 Mistral missiles from Norway. The missiles are intended to help Ukraine in its war against Russia. According to the Norwegian Defense Minister, the Mistral air defense system is a powerful weapon that the Norwegian Navy has used and will be of great use to Ukraine.

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