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U17 EURO 2022 finals: Fixtures and results | Under 17

The Netherlands left him late to make it two wins from two in Group B of the UEFA European Under-17 Championship, with substitute Yoram Boerhout earning an added-time goal against Poland in Lod Thursday.

France’s 4-0 loss to Bulgaria later today – thanks in part to Mathys Tel’s brace – means they and the Dutch are already through to the quarter-finals and will battle it out for top spot when they next meet . Germany also have a 100% record in Group A, although they were more comfortable in a 3-0 loss to Luxembourg, while Italy picked up their first points with the goal from Pio Esposito just enough to eliminate the hosts at Nes-Ziona.

Group stage standings

Portugal produced a striking performance in their Group D opener on Tuesday with a 5-1 victory over Scotland, while Jardell Kanga scored both goals for Sweden in their 2-1 loss to Denmark. Spain collected maximum goals with a 2-0 loss to Turkey in Group C while Serbia and Belgium drew 1-1.

In Monday’s opening Group A matches, Germany won 3-2 against Italy as hosts Israel beat Luxembourg 3-0. France set the tone in Group B with a gripping 6-1 loss to Poland, and the Netherlands, champions of 2018 and 2019, came from behind to win 3-1 against Bulgaria.

The groups

group A: Israel (host), Germany, Italy, Luxembourg

Group B: France, Netherlands (holders), Bulgaria, Poland

Group C: Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Belgium

Group D: Denmark, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden

Where to watch the matches: TV/streams

Calendar, results and standings

All CET kick-off times. Local time is one hour ahead.

Group stage

Highlights: France 6-1 Poland

Monday May 16
Group A: Italy 2-3 Germany (Nes-Ziona)
Group B: France 6-1 Poland (Ramat Gan)
Group A: Israel 3-0 Luxembourg (Rishon Lezion)
Group B: Bulgaria 1-3 Netherlands (Lod)

tuesday may 17
Group C: Serbia 1-1 Belgium (Rishon Lezion)
Group D: Denmark 1-2 Sweden (Ramat Gan)
Group C: Turkey 0-2 Spain (Nes-Ziona)
Group D: Scotland 1-5 Portugal (Lod)

Highlights: Scotland 1-5 Portugal

Highlights: Scotland 1-5 Portugal

Thursday May 19
Group A: Germany 3-0 Luxembourg (4.30pm, Rishon Lezion)
Group B: Netherlands 2-1 Poland (4.30pm, Lod)
Group A: Israel 0-1 Italy (7:00 p.m., Nes-Ziona)
Group B: France 4-0 Bulgaria (19:00, Ramat Gan)

Friday May 20
Group C: Serbia v Turkey (1.30pm, Rishon Lezion)
Group D: Denmark – Scotland (1:30 p.m., Ramat Gan)
Group C: Spain – Belgium (3:30 p.m., Nes-Ziona)
Group D: Portugal – Sweden (3:30 p.m., Lod)

Highlights: Bulgaria 1-3 Netherlands

Highlights: Bulgaria 1-3 Netherlands

Sunday May 22
Group B: Netherlands vs France (4.30pm, Rishon Lezion)
Group B: Poland – Bulgaria (4:30 p.m., Nes-Ziona)
Group A: Luxembourg vs Italy (7:00 p.m., Ramat Gan)
Group A: Germany vs Israel (7:00 p.m., Lod)

Monday May 23
Group C: Spain v Serbia (4.30pm, Rishon Lezion)
Group C: Belgium vs Turkey (4:30 p.m., Nes-Ziona)
Group D: Portugal – Denmark (7:00 p.m., Ramat Gan)
Group D: Sweden – Scotland (7:00 p.m., Lod)


Wednesday May 25
QF1 or QF2 (4:30 p.m., Rishon Lezion)
QF1 or QF2 (7:00 p.m., Netanya)

Thursday May 26
QF3 or QF4 (4:30 p.m., Nes-Ziona)
QF3 or QF4 (7:00 p.m., Netanya)


Sunday May 29
SF1 or SF2 (4:30 p.m., Netanya)
SF1 or SF2 (8:00 p.m., Netanya)


Wednesday, June 1
Winner SF1 vs Winner SF 2 (6:00 p.m., Netanya)

Knockout system

Quarter-finals (May 25/26)
QF1: Winner Group A vs Second Group B
QF2: Winner Group B vs Second Group A
QF3: Winner Group C vs Second Group D
QF4: Winner Group D vs Second Group C

Semi-finals (May 29)
SF1: Winner QF1 vs Winner QF3
SF2: Winner QF2 vs Winner QF4

Final (June 1)
Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2


The 16 contenders (host nation Israel and the 15 teams advancing through the Elite round) have been split into four groups of four for the finals from May 16 to June 1. The top two from each group will advance to the knockout stage.


Netanya Municipal Stadium, Netanya (quarter-finals, semi-finals, final)
Haberfeld Stadium, Rishon Lezion (group stage, quarter-finals)
Ness Ziona Municipal Stadium, Ness Ziona (group stage, quarter-finals)
Ramat Gan Municipal Stadium, Ramat Gan (group stage)
Lod Municipal Stadium, Lod (group stage)