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The victims of the storm in the Dordogne ask for the official recognition of a natural disaster

Some 14 municipalities in the Dordogne have asked the state to declare a natural disaster following the violent storm that hit the department on June 20, seriously damaging cars and homes.

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The municipalities concerned – which are all based in the north-west of the department – have submitted their requests to the prefecture, and an ad hoc commission is to meet at the end of the week to examine the advisability of transferring them to the interior. Interdepartmental Natural Disaster Commission of the Ministry.

This body decides whether or not to declare a natural disaster based on expert reports.

If it is judged that a natural disaster occurs, the municipalities concerned will be listed in a decree published in the official government journal, Le Journal officiel.

Last week’s storm has yet to be classified as a natural disaster by national forecaster Météo France, which is among the bodies expected to submit its report to the government.

The status of natural disaster makes it possible to cover damage related to floods, mudslides, droughts, earthquakes and other catastrophic events by specifying the areas and periods concerned.

However, this is not the only damage caused by wind (except in the event of a cyclone) or hail, which will probably be covered by your home insurance.

an official natural disaster The declaration paves the way for compensation – for property damage caused by storm flooding – from insurance companies.

If you live in a municipality outside the area concerned by the natural disaster decree, you will not automatically be entitled to natural disaster compensation. However, if you have a multi-risk insurance home insurance coverage, you’ll probably still be eligible.

The municipalities which have applied for the recognition of a natural disaster this month have not yet been named, but if their applications are granted, they will be listed in the government decree on the subject.

In the meantime, if your property was damaged during last week’s storm, you can contact your town hall to check whether it has made a request to the prefecture.

Hailstones the size of ping pong balls

The storm of June 20 caused a violent downpour of hail on part of the Dordogne and an inhabitant. Gervais, posted a video of his car – the body dented and the windshield shattered – and his house, in which the ceiling had collapsed and pieces of plaster covered the floor.

In the days following its release, the video – which can be viewed here – has been viewed more than two million times, and friends of Gervais have now launched a crowdfunding campaign to support him, his wife Deborah and his 13-year-old daughter, who have had to find accommodation elsewhere for now .

Gervais’ house is not the only property to have been damaged during the storm. Various images and videos have since been shared on social media to reflect the ping-pong ball sized hailstones that fell and the destruction they caused.

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