France economy

Prime Minister’s conversation with President Macron: 6 May 2022

Earlier today, the Prime Minister spoke to French President Emmanuel Macron to congratulate him on his recent election victory.

The leaders pledged to reinvigorate Anglo-French relations, working together to tackle common issues including the cost of living, threats from autocratic states and global energy security.

On Ukraine, the Prime Minister and President Macron were united in their condemnation of Putin’s killing spree and agreed to coordinate more closely Ukraine’s longer-term security and economic support, as well as measures aimed at isolating Russia.

The Prime Minister reflected on his visit to Kyiv last month and shared his belief that Ukraine would win, backed by the right level of defensive military assistance. He urged against negotiating with Russia on terms that lend credence to the Kremlin’s false narrative about the invasion, but stressed that it was a Ukrainian government decision.

They shared their concerns about the fallout from Ukraine’s invasion on global energy and food prices, and agreed to work through the G7 to mitigate impacts domestically and on developing economies. The leaders also discussed opportunities for greater economic and technological collaboration between the UK and France, boosting jobs and growth in both countries.

On the Northern Ireland Protocol, the Prime Minister noted the UK’s continuing serious concerns about the operation of the Protocol and reiterated the need for significant changes to protect peace and stability in Northern Ireland .

The leaders looked forward to speaking again with the enlarged G7 in the coming days and agreed to stay in close contact.