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PA is set to honor local WWII veteran with sister city in France

Only the pilot of his bomber squadron survived. He was able to parachute before the plane crashed in the woods on the outskirts of Thorey-en-Plaine.

When discussions about the possible twin city began, Giles’ family said they were moved by the idea.

Judy MacLeod Campbell, Arts and Culture Coordinator for the City of Prince Albert, said paNOW there is so much good that can come from this kind of partnership.

“It’s also a way for us to maybe share ceremonies, just talk about it and work with schools and the community.”

PA had another sister city. A partnership was formed with the city of Jilin, China, in 1998, however, the relationship waned with the council vote in March to end all official ties until political issues between Canada and the China be resolved.

Mayor Greg Dionne also said the partnership only benefited Jilin City as they allegedly tried to use the statute for economic opportunities.

MacLeod Campbell believes the relationship with Thorey-en-Plaine will be genuine.

“I think both communities see it the same way and it’s that cultural exchange and education, especially for our kids.”

The PA board will have to vote once more before the partnership is finalized.

Councilor Dennis Ogrodnick sees nothing to prevent it from happening after Monday’s vote won unanimous support.

In his opinion, Giles and everyone who flew in the war are heroes and should be recognized.

“They had a casualty rate of over 50% and I remember telling a few vets about it and they knew it, but they did,” Ogrodnick said.

It is unclear whether the board will discuss the partnership at its next meeting currently scheduled for October 18.

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