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NYT Crossword Answers: One of Haiti’s two official languages, along with French

I admit I didn’t notice the theme while I was solving, maybe because I was trying to see how fast I could solve it! The theme of this puzzle, which is revealed in 61A, is made up of sentences that end with things that one might find “IN THE BANK”. The first of these, POLE VAULT (“Olympic event for which the world record is just over 20 feet”), has the word VAULT at the end, as one might find in a heist film by bank (or, presumably, in a real bank, but I’ve personally never seen such a thing!).

The second theme entry, which Mr. Levy indicates in his builder notes was the impetus for the theme, is PENN AND TELLER. This “magical duo with an act of over 20 years in Las Vegas” has the word TELLER, like in a TELLER bank, at the end of the sentence. The other two thematic entries also end with words related to the bank, and the theme ends with the revealing “Guarantee… or where you can find the ends of 17-, 23-, 37- and 50-Across.” “

Mr. Levy notes his concern that the phrase is more frequently “money in the bank”, but I think that revealing is perfect – it wouldn’t be strange to say, for example, that Mr. Levy has future “AT THE BANK” construction projects, meaning he is guaranteed to have more puzzles accepted, based on his obvious construction skill!

A few months ago the Times ran a Mario Brothers-themed crossword puzzle, and it was pretty clear that the impetus for the puzzle was Muriel BOWSER. Here, the credit goes to Ray TELLER, closely followed by POLE VAULT. In the interest of anticipating criticism, DAYLIGHT SAVINGS and BOTTLE DEPOSIT don’t quite change the meaning of the last word to the same extent, although they are colorful enough and necessary for the symmetry to work. Another nit to choose would be that the most idiomatic phrase is “money in the bank”, although that obviously isn’t revealing.

I’d love to take credit for making PENN AND TELLER, but Byron Walden and Frank Longo both beat me with ‘X and Y’ themed puzzles – although I’ll say it’s officially the first time Teller is the main event. By the way, Teller wrote and narrated a horror-themed magic show off Broadway called “Play Dead,” which turned out to be one of the first dates for me and my (then future). female in 2010. Things took a turn when she was pulled onto the stage by Todd Robbins and briefly disappeared, but we got her back in one piece at the end of the night.

Speaking of Broadway, it’s back! So go get your shot and show some love to the theater crowd.

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