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No interviews required: seasonal jobs just got easier

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Need a job in the next hour? Thanks to a super tight job market with more openings than applicants, you can probably get one.

UPS says applicants could see a job posting just 30 minutes after applying. Walmart, for its part, is holding hiring events across the country in an attempt to hire thousands of workers before the holidays.

At the end of August, there were 10.4 million job openings, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is a very different scene from last year, when millions of workers were still out of work due to the layoffs that hit COVID-19, and seasonal work was seen as a lifeline for many.

In addition to speeding up the hiring process, some companies are shedding professional qualifications to attract new workers.

Amazon removed weed screens for roles not regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation in June. The retail giant isn’t alone: ​​A September survey by recruiting firm ManpowerGroup found 9% of employers globally said they were cutting job selections or drug testing drugs to attract and retain talent.

Meanwhile, business leaders are calling for the abolition of four-year university degrees for positions that often require them. In January, IBM said it removed bachelor’s degree requirements from more than half of its job postings in the United States. Others, like beauty retailer The Body Shop, are dropping background checks.

Today, many companies are trying to hire hundreds of thousands of workers for a holiday season that will likely be plagued by shipping issues and supply chain shortages. Employers need workers so badly they’re offering huge bonuses: Amazon is giving seasonal hires an additional $ 3,000 this year, and Dollar General drivers who are hired through January will earn an additional $ 5,000.

Meanwhile, some companies, like Target, offer tuition fees for full-time and part-time employees.

Experts say seasonal workers have the upper hand this year when it comes to negotiating what they want. And many of them may be able to turn those job opportunities into permanent positions.

“Job seekers have a variety of choices in today’s job market,” Ann Elizabeth Konkel, economist at Indeed, previously told Money. “As employers scramble to get the workers they need this year, job seekers may be able to negotiate over pay, flexible hours or benefits. “

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