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No ‘fiber truck’ here, we are in France

The mayor, Mickaël Vallet, wrote to the telecommunications company Orange to tell him that he is not opposed to them advertising the Internet service, but that he does not like the anglicized name. of their “fiber trucks”.

The van cannot park in its town – Marennes-Hiers-Brouage, Charente-Maritime – while it bears this name, he told the cabinet.

He said Report: “I think it’s foolish that a company, originally created by the state, replaces an existing word that everyone understands with an English word, only on the pretext that because it is in English that will appear serious, and purely in the interest of publicity.

“It is an assault on the citizen. I wanted to send a strong, symbolic message and all I want Orange to do is change the name.

He also tweeted about his anger that La Poste recently named its new online mobile banking account bank Ma French Bank.

He said: “I’m going to go on the weekend, eat a burger and stop at a stop. I don’t have a problem with that. These are words that have been incorporated into our language. But when there are words that exist and we replace them with others, because we get caught by the neoliberals and the advertisers of Paris, this is not acceptable.

“We have to use words that everyone understands. Not everyone in my town has encountered the word “truck” before. “

Mr Vallet said the use of English words alone in advertising is illegal – under the Toubon Act of 1994, any foreign word used in commercial communications must be accompanied by a French translation.

Although he accepts that languages ​​are always made up of a mixture of cultures, he does not think that new words should be added by commercial companies.

“Using English words to replace French words is the easy way out. The word Linky for the new electricity meter using English for the word privilege is hogwash. It shows a total lack of creativity.

“Renault, which owes everything to the State, is launching ‘Renault days’. Where is the intelligence, respect and creativity in there? “

Mr. Vallet wrote his letter to Orange on the eve of the Festival of Francophone cultures which has been held in Marennes for ten years.

The town is best known for its Marennes oysters and this year joined the neighboring Hiers-Brouage, which includes the fortified medieval village of Brouage, labeled one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France.

In his letter, Mr. Vallet said that they have visitors from all over the world, that they respect and appreciate the different languages ​​of the people and that each one should be preserved and its individual richness respected.

“In your country, you don’t need to have a Festival of Anglophone Cultures because your language is not under threat,” he said.

“But French and many other languages ​​are getting poorer and we have to fight this, especially when the language is degraded by big companies just to increase sales.”

He says that defending your own language is not being nationalist: “The love of your own language does not prevent you from loving other languages ​​as well.

Report did not see the actual use of the word “truck” in the vehicle images or on the Orange website, but we understand that the expression was used by Orange in its communications with city halls.