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Nikon Optical USA Inc. and Anagram Partner to Put Money Back in the Pockets of Eye Care Patients | New

SAN FRANCISCO, November 8, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Nikon Optical United States Inc. and Anagram, a software suite for independent eyecare professionals (iECPS), announce a partnership to provide patients with discounts on Nikon lenses through Anagram Prosper. Participating ECPs will benefit from access to special wholesale prices on Nikon lenses and patient discounts sent through the Anagram platform.

“The partnership between Nikon Optical and Anagram is driven by a common goal: to provide independent eyecare professionals with the tools and materials they need to grow their practices with freedom of choice.” Jeremy Bluvol, CEO and co-founder of Anagram, explained.

Prosper is a new approach to discounts. IECP are using it to generate compelling cash back rewards on independent eyewear in their optics. Discounts are initiated in the Anagram app; Prosper sends the discounts to patients even before they leave the optics. Anagram and Nikon Lenswear have teamed up to create a delightful viewing experience with unique expertise in high precision optics.

Through this new partnership, the Anagram Prosper program enables suppliers with Nikon Optical accounts to offer cash back rewards directly to patients who purchase Nikon Lenswear lenses. From photography to optical lenses, Nikon has developed a long and proud expertise in high precision optics. Combining Japanese craftsmanship with over a century of innovation, Nikon’s mission is to deliver both unmatched vision quality and durability. Nikon optics United States Inc. has established itself as the ideal partner for iECP with a streamlined product offering coupled with a brand that appeals to top performers and high-end consumers who share a passion for detail and strive to go from there. ‘before.

“Beyond an iconic brand, Nikon is a precision optics company that has been ranked among the most respected in the world. Over the years, Nikon Optical US has established itself as the perfect partner to help create future value by enabling all iECPs to grow and adapt to an ever-changing market, “said Everest Pandya, Business Development Director of Nikon Optical US.” Anagram’s powerful mission statement based on Pricing transparency, support for private compensation practices and advancement in vision care align completely with Nikon Optical’s goal of making iECPs work without compromise. We are very excited about our partnership as it is the coming together of two organizations with the ultimate goal of fostering sustainable growth for all iECP. ”

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About Anagram:

Anagram was founded in 2014. Anagram offers independent eyecare professionals tools to help them grow their practice without interference or external constraints. This includes Prosper, an instant cash rebate program based on wholesale price offers, and Access, the only off-network claims and billing software for eye care providers. Since 2021, Anagram has increased $ 18.5 million, including $ 9.1 million in its latest funding round, and has helped 2,000 eye care practices generate more than $ 200 million in cash payment business.

About Nikon:

Nikon, whose name is synonymous with “The World’s Best Lenses”, has been providing millions of people around the world and beyond for more than 100 years with a more precise point of view through the most reliable and reliable optical products. most wanted.

Nikon is a leader in ophthalmic lens technology. Nikon claims a series of firsts; 1.74 high index material, the first clear lens that filters blue lights, the first custom single vision lens just to name a few. Nikon continues to strive to be a leader in technological advancements in the ophthalmic lens industry, with the development of advanced digital lens designs and innovative coatings.

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