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Live Updates: Russia’s War in Ukraine

France will send air defense systems, radars, missiles and weapons to Ukraine in the coming weeks to defend itself against missile and drone attacks, French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with the France 2 channel on Wednesday.

Macron, whose comments come after Ukraine saw a wave of Russian missile attacks, said French supplies would specifically help defeat such threats.

He added that France would deliver the necessary equipment and training to Ukraine. Ukraine specifically requested weapons as a priority.

The French president said the decision followed “an unprecedented phase of bombing” that hit Ukrainian towns and infrastructure.

Without going into details, Macron said France was providing military intelligence to Ukraine.

Pressed on the success of the international sanctions, Macron said they were working.

“Russia is deeply destabilized: in its ability to regenerate its armaments, its production and its industry,” he said.

Macron also said: “We are in a hybrid war”.

“We are not just using weapons on the ground, but weapons of information,” he said, adding that Russia was using a wide variety of approaches to conduct the conflict, including: propaganda channels , the payment of influence, including on social networks, the militarization of migration. , blackmail and hunger.

Asked about nuclear risks in Ukrainethe French president confirmed that French nuclear doctrine would not automatically initiate a retaliatory strike if Russia used nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

The president also declined to label Russia a “terrorist state”, saying such labels “have little consequence”.

“There is a state that has declared war and that is more than enough,” he said.