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Kelley Blue Book Unveils Enhancements to Instant Money Offering

IRVINE, Calif. –

Kelley Blue Book says the modernized look and feel of its newly redesigned instant money offer consumer experience and updated instant money offer dealer admin tool make the redemption process and more transparent and efficient car buying for consumers and dealers.

The company says its all-new instant pay offer consumer experience bolsters the tool, which it says saw a 41% year-over-year increase in the number of offers generated in 2018.

The tool uses KBB valuation data, allowing car owners to enter details online and receive a valid cash or dealer trade-in offer on their current vehicle. Owners can also locate and identify the Kelley Blue Book Fair purchase price for the desired replacement vehicle.

A “modern” vehicle condition assessment is one of the customer experience updates for the KBB Instant Cash offer. The company says the review uses clear visual examples and cuts out complicated automotive jargon. This eliminates customer confusion and keeps them engaged throughout the process, according to the company.

KBB says that as a result, the tool provides a more accurate assessment. Additionally, it translates to an improved customer experience as it eliminates friction in the field, the company said.

Another update is a new instant money offer certificate that highlights the next steps. KBB says this brings more consumers to dealer lots to buy back their offer and replace their old vehicles.

The company describes the new Instant Cash Offer consumer experience as “intuitive and mobile-friendly”, saying it gives the next generation of car buyers the online shopping experience they demand.

With the newly improved Instant Cash Offer dealer administration tool, dealers can better manage offers, the company said.

With the tool, according to the company, dealerships can use the most efficient layout to strategically organize multiple vehicle searches. They can more easily track the status of the offer and next steps, the company added. He said the most important aspect of the tool is that dealers can provide a new side-by-side offer review page. This allows dealers to show customers any updates that have taken place with their original offering after their on-site interactive visit.

The company said its new Instant Cash Offer customer experience is helpful in what it describes as today’s “technology-enhanced market.” To get the information they need to make decisions with confidence, consumers want a “quick and easy path,” the company said.

With the new customer experience improvements of the Instant Cash offer, the customer experience is improved, according to the company. For all parties involved, dealers can create, structure and negotiate more transparent and efficient agreements.

“When it comes to selling or trading a vehicle, dealers and consumers ultimately want a fast, hassle-free process to come to terms where everyone receives a quality deal,” said Kelley Blue Book Dealer Solutions vice president and general manager Colin MacGillivray. Press release. “The modernized customer experience of the Kelley Blue Book instant payment offering and dealer admin tool creates a more seamless, streamlined and accessible experience during the complex car buying process.”