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Joint Statement by European Human Rights Ambassadors on the situation in Iran

Human Rights Ambassadors from the UK, Germany, France, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Estonia, the Netherlands and Slovakia made the following joint statement following recent events in Iran:

“The violent death of 22-year-old “Zhina” Mahsa Amini, following ill-treatment while in the custody of the Iranian vice squad, is a reminder of the dire human rights situation in Iran. It is a shocking reminder of the repression faced by women, who are threatened with detention and physical violence simply for the way they choose to dress. Over the past few weeks, Iranians – men and women – have bravely raised their voices against this violation of their freedom of expression. The protests also called for freedom of the press and freedom of assembly, against the death penalty and extrajudicial executions, against torture, enforced disappearances and systematic impunity.

In short, the Iranian people call on their leaders to guarantee their fundamental rights. Iranian security forces have responded to protesters with unjustifiable violence. The backlash to recent protests at universities across the country is deeply concerning.

The international community must speak out clearly and unequivocally on the issue of repression and violence by the security forces and condemn these measures. We welcome the cross-regional statement of the UN Human Rights Council condemning the gross violation of women’s rights and calling on Iran to respect the right to freedom of expression and assembly.

Iran, as a signatory to the ICCPR, has a responsibility to put political and civil rights into practice. We call on the authorities to immediately cease their violent crackdown on protests, to immediately release protesters who have been unjustly detained, to end the imprisonment of journalists who have been on the front lines covering protests, to restore reliable internet services throughout the country, and to guarantee human rights for all in Iran.