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‘It’s awful’: Dog allegedly killed by man in New Plymouth Street

Bruce Fuller and his French bulldog Cash, who was allegedly killed by someone on the street.


Bruce Fuller and his French bulldog Cash, who was allegedly killed by someone on the street.

A man whose French bulldog was allegedly killed by a stranger on a street in New Plymouth says the loss has torn his family apart.

Bruce Fuller was notified of the death of six-year-old Cash by a New Plymouth District Council dog sitter on Friday.

The death occurred on the family’s street in Spotswood, but Fuller and his partner were out for a bike ride at the time.

“The ranger called us to find out where we were because the neighbor had found Cash on the side of the road, two doors down from our house.”

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Fuller said his neighbor saw a man “kneeling on Cash’s neck.”

“The neighbor told him to come down, but he refused.”


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The man is said to be between 70 and 80 years old and has a dog with him.

Fuller says he was told that once Cash was dead, the neighbor saw the man retrieve a plastic bag from a nearby wheelie bin and put it over Cash’s head.

“It’s f…… horrible, our family is mortified. The French bulldog is a snub-nosed dog, he can’t even bite you. If he had a fight or attacked the dog of that other person, I don’t think the actions taken are excusable in any way.

The council dog sitter was trying to track down the culprit.

New Plymouth District Council confirmed council officers were working with police.

Fuller said he doesn’t know how Cash got out of their house, which is fenced. The situation was “incomprehensible”.

Fuller wanted the person found and held accountable.

“The dogs are counting on us to protect them, I feel like I’ve let him down now. He was my sidekick. He goes by the name of Johnny Cash and the fact that he cost a lot of money. C was a guy.

“I just feel like he robbed me of so many good years with a good dog.”