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Instant cash advance by Klover Holdings, Inc.

Need extra cash? Klover gives you an instant $100 cash advance before you get paid. No credit check. Of no interest. No hidden fees. No refund period.

The product:
Klover is the first cash application to give you access to your earnings in advance. Access a payday advance before you get paid. Sign up to earn money – even on the same day. It’s your money!

Besides instant cash, Klover also offers innovative budgeting tools to help you stay financially stable and protect you from costly loan and overdraft fees. We like to empower you in this way.

Stop asking friends and family to borrow money. Stop waiting in long lines and dealing with employees who don’t care. Borrow money from yourself instead. Buy now, pay later.

Just use Klover for all your rainy day cash needs and get cash now with a cash advance – never run out of money again.

Signing up is as simple as downloading the Cash app and logging in. No complicated paperwork, credit checks, overage fees or hidden expenses are required. We also do not require your employer to open an account. Buy now, pay later. We say yes when others say no – we approve more customers for a fast cash advance.

Our mission:
It’s simple. Your data, your advantage. It’s your most valuable asset, why not use it to make money?

We help you monetize your data in the app with points. Then use those points to pay fees and participate in free daily raffles – win cash and win big. The next winner could be you!

How do we do this? We unlock these products and services by seamlessly leveraging your approved data to save you time and help you earn money. Our customers have already saved hundreds of dollars a year.

We have revolutionized the cash advance playing field by offering instant cash advance alongside other financial services such as automated budgeting and savings tools. It’s low-cost access to modern financial services that empower you.

How Klover works:

1. Sign up in seconds
Just tell us a bit about yourself, link your bank account and check your salary. We will never check your credit.

2. Acceptance of data
Your data is your asset. Sign up for our Truth in Data agreement and start using Klover’s suite of financial products.

3. Instantly get cash and tools
Whether you’re taking a cash advance or checking your budget, Klover has you covered. Access tools to improve your financial well-being and get instant cash when you need it. No questions asked.


“The whole process from start to finish was incredibly easy and straight forward. It also only took a few minutes to get everything done. They are on the front of everything and very quick to respond if you have questions. A great performance!”
Michael M.

“On one occasion, I needed to take my father out in the car in the middle of the night. I had just paid bills, so I had no money. Well, Klover got an instant boost and he checked himself into the hospital. It turned out to be something minor, but what a relief. Thank you Klover!”
Is that

Klover uses the highest banking standards to encrypt all your information. We never share your personal data. We use Plaid to link your bank account.

Other Features:
Points: Earn points to unlock more money. Swap them in seconds!
– Scan receipts
– To save money
– Check your expenses

Introducing Klover+ Plus
Credit monitoring included
See your spending habits and income forecasts with the financial dashboard
Oversee expense categories
Build savings strategies
Identify overrun areas

Contact us:
Please contact [email protected] for any questions or concerns.

Klover is not affiliated with Clover, Dave, Daily Pay, FloatMe, Earnin, Empower, Possible Finance, MoneyLion, Brigit, Albert, Cleo, Branch, Even or Cash App.

Disclaimer: Klover does not offer loans. We are NOT a payday loan, cash loan, personal loan or app to borrow money.

By validating the job, you can access the money you have already earned whenever you want.