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Instant cash access to bitcoin is coming to Vermont

Coinme is launching 23 Coinme-enabled Coinme kiosks across the state at select grocery stores, including Shaw’s, Hannaford Supermarkets and Tops Friendly Markets

Vermont Business Magazine Coinme, a leading cryptocurrency cash exchange in the United States, today announced its entry into Vermont with the launch of 23 bitcoin-enabled Coinstar kiosks located in select Shaw’s Supermarkets, Hannaford Supermarkets and Tops Friendly Markets, offering Vermonters simple, instant, and reliable access to bitcoin with cash in their neighborhood. This expansion brings the Coinme-enabled Coinme kiosk network to over 9,500 locations in 49 states and provides expanded access to digital currency with cash.

“‘Freedom and Unity’ is Vermont’s official motto and a perfect embodiment of why bitcoin was created,” said Neil Bergquist, CEO of Coinme. “Cash access to cryptocurrencies provides an opportunity for financial freedom to those who would not otherwise have it. Reliable and easy-to-use on-ramps like those provided by Coinme are essential for widespread adoption of currencies digital.

Coinme introduced the first state-licensed bitcoin ATM in the United States in 2014. Now, the crypto company enables legacy financial institutions to offer the sale of cryptocurrencies to customers in an efficient, inexpensive and compliant manner to regulations. Consumers can easily get started with bitcoin securely and instantly, with convenient access to thousands of trusted locations, including their local grocery store.

“With Coinme, we provide a vital bridge for people to participate in the digital economy,” said Jim Gaherity, CEO of Coinstar. “We are excited to continue our partnership and build on our existing footprint to enable bitcoin to even more Coinstar kiosks across the country.”

How to Buy Bitcoin at Coinstar Kiosks

Coinstar kiosks make it easy for customers to buy bitcoins, and the transaction is done in four simple steps. The only things required are a valid mobile phone number, driver’s license or national ID card, and cash in US dollars.

  1. Create a Coinme account

  2. Find a Coinstar kiosk near you

  3. Insert cash into the kiosk (coins are not accepted for bitcoin transactions)

  4. Exchange and receive bitcoins instantly

For a step-by-step demonstration of how to buy bitcoin from a Coinstar kiosk, users can visit

About Coinme, Inc.

Coinme® operates a leading licensed cryptocurrency cash exchange in the United States, founded in 2014 with a mission to be the world’s most trusted gateway to digital currencies and a better financial future. Through partnerships with Coinstar and MoneyGram, Coinme enables thousands of physical locations in 49 states to make it easy to buy and sell bitcoin for cash. The company offers an enterprise-grade API to “crypto-enable” legacy financial systems and a vertically integrated suite of consumer products that provide an easy, reliable and affordable way to buy, sell, store and manage currencies. digital. For more information, visit

About Coinstar, LLC

Coinstar® is the world leader in self-service coin counting with 24,000 kiosks in North America, Europe and Japan. Over 800 billion coins have been processed since Coinstar was founded in the early 1990s. In the United States, consumers can convert their change to cash, a free electronic gift card or donate to charity in supermarkets, mass merchandisers, pharmacies and kiosks of financial institutions. Extensive cash services at Coinstar kiosks include buying cryptocurrencies and adding money to digital accounts. For brand advertisers, Coinstar now offers adPlanet™, which enables lead generation on the interactive kiosk screen and a flexible digital advertising platform that sits atop Coinstar kiosks in select grocery stores. For more information about Coinstar or kiosk locations, visit

SEATTLE – April 26, 2022 – Coinme