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How to prevent hunters from using your land in France

With the start of September [return to school and work after the summer], marks the start of the hunting season in France, with the country’s 1,313,000 hunters authorized to pursue and kill 90 different animal species.

The season starts at different times in the different departments, starting in Corsica on the first Sunday in September.

Over the following weekends, it launched in the departments of southern and central France, reaching northern regions including Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Ile-de-France, Lorraine and Normandy on the fourth Sunday of the month.

According to the main French law on ecology and rural life – the Environmental Code – no one has the right to hunt on the property of others without the consent of the owner.

However, hunting is often practiced by default and those with large plots of land must show their willingness to ban it, although it is generally prohibited within 150m of houses and those with more gardens. pups should therefore generally not be affected.

What should I do?

If you own a piece of land and want to set up a hunting ban, the steps to take first depend on whether hunting on your territory is covered by a hunting society, which is a simple association.

In other regions of France, hunting is organized by an organization approved by the prefecture, called ACCA (municipal association of approved hunting) or AICA.

You can check with your town hall to find out.

In areas covered by a hunting society, you can prohibit hunting by sending a letter to the president of the association and a copy to your mayor.

The process is more complex when it comes to an ACCA, unless the land in question is within a perimeter of 150m around your house or if it is fully fenced, in which case it is automatically prohibited.

In either case, you can get advice from the LPO Where Aspas nature charities. These encourage people to declare their lands as LPO or Aspas wildlife “refuges” as part of the process.

Sending a letter to your local hunting federation

The LPO has a suggested form letter which we have translated and which you can find at the bottom of this article.

In 2019, a new procedure was put in place requiring landowners to send their letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the president of the Departmental Federation of Hunters (Departmental Federation of Hunters), and not to their commune prefecture.

After being validated, the letter will be sent to the ACCA President, who will have two months to give his opinion. In total, the hunting federation has four months from receipt of the letter to make its decision.

It should also be noted that this process can only be initiated six months maximum before the renewal of the administration of your local ACCA, an event which only takes place every five years. The ban will only take effect after this renewal.

You will also need to provide details of the location of your land and a printout of the cadastral maps of the cadastre (see

Cadastral details consist of letters indicating the “section”, followed by a specific “parcel” number (or numbers if the area is large).

Example of a letter requesting a ban on hunting on your property

Object : Request to withdraw land (s) from ACCA hunting territory under Articles L. 422-10 5 ° and L. 422-14 of the Environmental Code

Attachments : cadastral maps and property deeds

The __/__/____

Mister President,

Articles L. 422-10 5 ° and L. 422-14 of the Environmental Code authorize us to request the withdrawal of our land from the ACCA (or the AICA as the case may be) and to prohibit the hunting in the name of personal convictions.

Consequently, I ask you to take note of the withdrawal of ACCA from the municipality of ………… .. from the following sites:

– address, cadastral number and area + cadastral map + property deed attached for each plot

I certify on my honor that this is all of my properties.

I also ask you to cross my name from the list of ACCA members of the municipality of ……………………… ..

This decision to withdraw is motivated by my commitment to the protection of nature. I agree to prohibit any practice of hunting and not to practice myself on these plots.

I undertake to indicate my land by thus materializing the prohibition of hunting for others by putting up signs bearing the words “hunting prohibited”

Finally, I know my responsibility, as owner in the event of damage likely to be, by the game coming from my fund.

(To be put only if your lands are registered as LPO Refuge): I would also like to inform you that these lands are registered as LPO Refuge (League for the Protection of Birds), the main objective of which is to preserve flora and fauna Savage.

I have taken note that my withdrawal will be effective the next time you renew your ACCA and / or AICA. And I therefore ask you to send me the date of creation as well as the renewal date (s) of the ACCA and / or AICA on which my plots depend in order to know the actual release date of the ACCA / AICA.

Counting on your diligence, please accept, Mr. President, the expression of my most respectful greetings.


Copy for information to:

Mr. President of the ACCA of the municipality of ……………………………………

Mr. Mayor of the municipality of ……………………………………………………

Copy to the prefecture / DDT / Service chased


Topic: Request to withdraw land (s) from ACCA hunting territory under Articles L.422-10 5 ° and L.422-14 of the Environmental Code.

Attached documents: Cadastral maps and property deeds.


Mister President,

Articles L. 422-10 5 ° and L. 422-14 of the Environmental Code authorize us to request the withdrawal of our land from the ACCA (or AICA) and to prohibit hunting on our property because of our personal beliefs.

I therefore ask you to start the process of removing the following ACCA lands from [TOWN]:

  • [ADDRESS, CADASTRE NUMBERS, LAND REGISTRY PLANS and PROPERTY DEEDS for each parcel of land to be attached]

I declare on my honor that the above information covers my property in its entirety.

I also ask you to remove my name from the ACCA membership list in [TOWN].

This decision to withdraw being motivated by my commitment to the protection of nature, I undertake to prohibit all hunting and not to hunt myself in this territory.

I also undertake to indicate my land as prohibited to hunters by installing signs indicating: “Hunting prohibited”.

I understand that as an owner I am responsible for any damage that may be caused by game that comes from my land.

(Only if your land is classified LPO Refuge) I would also like to inform you that this land is classified as a refuge of the Bird Protection League, whose main objective is to preserve wild flora and fauna.

I have taken note that the withdrawal of my lands will take effect at the next renewal of your ACCA / AICA. I therefore ask you to communicate to me the date of this renewal so that I know when my lands will cease to be part of the ACCA / AICA.

I hope you will agree and please accept, Mr. Chairman, the expression of my most respectful sentiments.


Final steps

After writing your letter, you should also send a copy to the president of your local ACCA, as well as your city’s mayor and prefecture.

Keep a dated copy of your letter in case you do not receive a response within the four month period.

If your land is removed from the list of authorized hunting grounds but you find that hunters are ignoring the ban, you can contact the French Office for Biodiversity, the French Office for Biodiversity or the local gendarmerie.

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