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Haiti, pressed by foreign powers, announces new government

The risk of allowing decisions to be guided by foreign powers, he said, was an additional unease. Most of the country’s political parties will not accept this decision, Lambert said, and “Haiti will continue in this spiral of instability.”

The Core Group was created in 2004 after a coup, as part of the United Nations stabilization mission, said Jake Johnston, associate researcher at the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington. Since then, it has become a “de facto fourth branch of government,” he said, with a mission to help Haiti strengthen its institutions and governance.

“But if you look at the state of Haitian institutions,” he added, “has there been a sustainable state facilitated by international actors? It’s hard to say yes.

The Core Group’s role in the Haitian government reshuffle came as a slap in the face of the Commission, a gathering of civil society groups and political parties with over 150 members who held marathon meetings over the weekend to publicly elaborate the type of transitional government. they wanted.

The stage was one of participatory democracy, with debates and votes on proposals including how long the transitional government should last and what form it should take.

Mr Jean-Baptiste, a participant, said he did not care about Mr Joseph’s resignation on Monday, pointing out that Mr Joseph and Mr Henry, like Mr Moïse, were from the same political party, the ruling bald leader . party, or PHTK

“We cannot accept that PHTK continues to rule the country”, Mr. Jean-Baptiste declared on Monday, “with the gangs, with the massacres, with the looting of state coffers. It is not possible. We want to put an end to the regime of Jovenel Moïse.

Harold Isaac contributed reporting from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Michael Crowley contributed reporting from Washington.