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French village uses black humor signs to stop speeding

Marc Guurez, mayor of the village of 250 inhabitants of Montrécourt (North, Hauts-de-France), made the decision after noticing that few drivers using the main road [Départemental 955] respected the speed limit of 30 km / h, making the village very dangerous.

The new signs, which are placed above or next to normal speed limit signs, include cartoons of a woman holding a smoking gun, warning drivers to “slow down or the mayor will get mad”; and one of the Grim Reaper with a skull in a hood, warning, “Speed ​​up … she [Death] awaits you at the end of the road ”.

(Photo: France3 / Screenshot)

The road in question has become more dangerous in recent years, residents said, with few drivers passing through the village obeying the 30 km / h speed limit. Several accidents have already occurred as a result, especially at night, residents said, despite an increased police presence.

The mayor, Mr Guurez, explained the dark and humorous signs to a local news source France3, saying: “It’s humorous. It’s to try to slow people down … Because some vehicles go by here at 100, 100 km / h. You can see that [the warnings] are not that big.

He joked: “[But] if you are going 30 km / h, you will be able to read it. “

(Photo: France3 / Screenshot)

The inhabitants of the village supported the movement.

A man tell France 3: “We have lived here for 14 years and the traffic keeps increasing, as does the speed. It’s amazing how many times I got scared when I left the house.

One woman said: “We are always afraid. We have kids taking the bus, and there are bus stops on either side, so they have to cross the road. Cars go by very quickly, so do trucks. Even if we are far from 50km / h [speed limit]. “

A local driver, who has to pull out on the road to get to work every day, said: “I always have to be careful. There are those who respect the 30 km / h limit but there are not many who do. If I want to continue until retirement, I will have to be careful! It’s very dangerous.”

The humorous signs are just the first step in the mayor’s plans to slow drivers down; in the coming months, an “intelligent” traffic light system should also be installed.

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