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Free app notifies residents of local issues such as burglaries and roadworks

A mobile app has been launched that allows local authorities to notify residents about everything from local roadworks to the presence of dangerous hornets.

Local authorities and the police can inform residents

More than 8,800 local authorities have already set up the PocketPocket system, mainly town halls, as well as local police forces who use it to send alerts warning residents of a car accident or a wave of burglaries. in the neighborhood, for example.

The application is free to download and gives access to all participating municipalities.

Users can select one or more “favorites”, for which they will receive a notification whenever a new update is released.

To find out if your municipality is one of them, tick

Readers say they’ve found it particularly helpful to check local water restrictions over the summer.

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FR-Alert remains the official application for major incidents

Municipalities can also use PocketPocket to warn inhabitants of extreme weather conditions, but in the event of major incidents, such as a natural disaster, an industrial accident or terrorism, it is not necessary to have downloaded this application or any other application to receive alerts.

The FR-Alert system, which was launched in June, allows authorities to send updates, including incident details and advice to follow, directly to all mobile phones used in the region.

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The alert will make noise and vibrate the phone even if it is in silent mode.

However, phones that are turned off, with no signal, or in airplane mode will not receive the alert.

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