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France Supports Communal Elections – Khmer Times

The French government gave its support to the recent communal elections in Cambodia, saying the elections went well and were free and fair.

Chhiv Yiseang, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said French Ambassador to Cambodia Eva Nguyen Binh hailed the electoral process during a closed-door meeting with Foreign Minister Prak Sokhon yesterday.

“Ms. Nguyen Binh said the elections went smoothly and turnout was high,” Yiseang said, adding that the French government appreciates the development of democracy in Cambodia.

“In response, the Minister of Foreign Affairs explained how the communal elections in June took place within the framework of an electoral reform process, including new electoral laws approved by the two main political parties in the National Assembly” .

Yiseang said the Ambassador also expressed her appreciation for the contribution made by Cambodian peacekeeping forces around the world.

“Mrs. Nguyen Binh commended the Cambodian peacekeeping troops for playing an important role in restoring peace and security to various countries, especially French-speaking countries in Africa,” he said. .

“The Minister of Foreign Affairs then thanked the French government for helping to train Cambodian troops ahead of UN peacekeeping missions.”

The ambassador said France would soon build a memorial to the victims of the Khmer Rouge who lost their lives during the 1975-1979 genocidal regime in Phnom Penh.

“France plans to build a monument to the victims of the Khmer Rouge at the end of this year, in the garden in front of the French Embassy,” Yiseang said.