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France Langue joins the International House network

Five France Langue schools in France will join the network and continue to offer students “authentic French experiences”, with each site celebrating its unique local culture.

The five schools joining are: IH Paris; IH Bordeaux; IH Biarritz; IH Lyons; and France Langue IH Nice Liberation.

“We are delighted to welcome France Langue schools to the network,” said IH Director of Membership Services Beccy Wigglesworth.

“We are confident that the strength and depth of IH’s expertise will complement IH France Langue’s experience in the French language market and that both organizations will benefit.”

David Sampere, managing director of France Langue, added that the group is “delighted to finally be part of this association and to put the beautiful IH logo in Paris (again)”.

“The strength and depth of IH’s expertise will complement the experience of IH France Langue”

“France Langue will be an active member of the association, always looking to the future and working to improve the teaching and marketing of schools and the sector itself,” said Sampere.

France Langue has been present in the country for more than 40 years and trains 8,000 students each year. International House, on the other hand, has nearly 70 years of expertise in language teaching and teacher training.

The group of schools initially started the process of joining IH in 2018/19, but the process was halted due to the pandemic.

The quality label and recognition that comes with IH membership will allow France Langue to “grow with access to new markets” and provide opportunities to diversify programs and teach a wider variety of languages, the company said.

Courses range from general French, French and the art of living, to professional French and exam preparation courses for different age groups.

France Langue recently launched its six- to eight-month university pathways for students wishing to apply to French universities or higher education institutions.

She also specializes in low-intensity courses with a wide variety of cultural and tourist activities, such as surf lessons at the Biarritz school, wine tours in central Bordeaux and Mediterranean cultural immersion in Nice.

The Lyon and Paris branches also offer opportunities for historical culture, and the Study & Work program offers internships in companies as trainees or on permanent contracts.