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Evergreen aids Chinese navy: report

Satellite images showed Evergreen hulls under construction near China’s newest aircraft carrier and moored next to Chinese cruisers, according to a report.

Contracts between China’s main state-owned shipbuilding company and Taiwan’s main shipping company are likely to reduce the costs of modernizing China’s navy, raising security concerns for the country, a US think tank said on Thursday.

China State Shipbuilding Corp (CSSC, 中國船舶集團有限公司) is a key ship producer for the expanding Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy and is set to build its third aircraft carrier.

Taiwan’s Evergreen Marine Corp (長榮海運) has bought 44 ships from China since 2018, all but two of which were ordered from shipyards that produce Chinese warships, including the CSSC, the Center for Strategic Studies said. and international in a report.

Photo courtesy of Evergreen Marine Corp

The Washington-based think tank said foreign companies in France and other US-allied countries are also buying ships from CSSC, which the US has placed on an investment blacklist for citizens and American companies because of their military ties to China.

The center said that although there is limited transparency on foreign capital flows into China’s shipbuilding industry, “available evidence indicates that profits from foreign orders are likely to reduce the costs of modernizing the shipbuilding industry. Chinese Navy”.

He called foreign contracts a “tangible national security threat” to some democracies in the region, and said companies should consider US allies South Korea and Japan as alternative shipbuilding partners. .

The study included commercial satellite imagery from February showing at least three Evergreen hulls under construction near China’s newest aircraft carrier at CSSC’s subsidiary Jiangnan Shipyard near Shanghai.

Evergreen ships have also been moored alongside Chinese navy cruisers and destroyers, he added.

The images “suggest that there is a direct sharing of resources between military and civilian operations at major Chinese shipyards,” the center said.

Evergreen said in a statement that all of its container ship projects are subject to international tenders and that its contracts with CSSC’s commercial shipbuilding department are “completely different and separate” from CSSC’s military department. .

“We believe that civilian commercial shipbuilding activities have nothing to do with domestic naval projects,” he said, adding that he disclosed information about his orders to investors and authorities.

China already has the largest navy in the world, with more warships and submarines than the United States.

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