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Emmanuel Macron criticized over Covid rules in France during French elections | World | News

TV presenter Neil Oliver has criticized current French President Emmanuel Macron for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Mr Macron is taking on right-wing opponent Marine Le Pen to try his luck at another round as president. Mr Neil explained how Macron expects French citizens to forget about his forced vaccination passports and mask mandates, as he has become all about the freedom and liberties of the French people again, during election campaigns in Classes.

The GB News host said: “What amazes me about Macron, and he’s not the only one, is how short they seem to our memories or those of their citizens.

“You know, it’s only been weeks, maybe months, since they behaved this way.

“Crushing people’s rights everywhere operating like petty little Napoleons.

“And then with a sudden election for Macron, it’s about being a democrat and a liberal.

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Mr Neil added: “Fighting for the freedom of all French men and women.

“Does he think these people have had their memories erased?

“You know these people are goldfish, once around the bowl and then they come back unable to remember anything.

“And I would say in answer to your question, yes, I would like to see people like Macron fall for this because there has to be revenge for what has been done to people over the past two years.”

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“And so if you wanted to get rid of Macron, you vote for Le Pen, because she’s the only person who has a realistic chance of replacing him and I can only imagine how tempting that must be for people. who have so far with Macron.”

The French president is doing everything he can to gain support in order to continue to occupy his seat at the head of the country.

Mr Macron said: “I invite everyone, including those who did not vote for me in the first round, to come together behind us.

“Bending to populism and xenophobia is not France.”

“The debate we are going to have over the next fortnight will be decisive for our country and for Europe… I believe in all of us, whatever our origins, our beliefs.”

The president concluded: “I am counting on you. Nothing is decided. [Let’s move] before.”