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Algeria castigates French leader, recalls French ambassador

ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) – Algeria has accused its former colonial ruler, France, of “genocide” and announced the recall of its Paris ambassador angry at “inadmissible” remarks attributed to French President Emmanuel Macron.

The sharp escalation in tensions also follows a French decision to reduce the number of visas delivered to the populations of North Africa – including Algeria – because governments refuse to take back migrants expelled from France.

The immediate recall of the Algerian ambassador to France for “consultations” was announced on Saturday evening in a press release from the Algerian presidency.

The statement said the recall was prompted by recent comments on Algeria which were attributed to Macron. The remarks constituted “inadmissible interference” in the affairs of Algeria and were “an intolerable affront” to Algerians who died fighting French colonialism, the Algerian presidency said.

“The crimes of colonial France in Algeria are innumerable and correspond to the strictest definitions of genocide,” said his statement.

French media reported that Macron recently commented on Algeria’s post-colonial system of government and its attitudes towards France.