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Aisle, a new instant cashback platform is launched in the United States

Grocers nationwide can access exclusive branded offers and receive unmatched Cash Back and product recommendations personalized to their interests

Ray, a premier cash rewards platform for the modern consumer, offers instant cash rewards through Venmo on exclusive branded offers from some of today’s most recognizable brands. Unlike the majority of cash back platforms currently on the market, there is no app download required to reap the rewards, as all communication is via SMS. People join for the instant cash back but stay for the conversations. There’s also no waiting time to receive cash back, as all monetary transactions are sent instantly through Venmo after shoppers simply send Aisle a photo of their grocery receipt.

Since the soft rollout in April 2021, Aisle has paid out over $150,000 in cash, rewarding customers not only for their brand loyalty, but also for their willingness to try new brands based on customer suggestions. Aisle. Buying popular beverage brands such as High Noon’s Fortified Seltzer Water, Super Coffee, and Topo Chico or food favorites like Beyond Meat, Halo Top, Siete Chips, Tates Cookies, and Yasso Pops can earn on average $1-5 per trip to the store.

The secret to Aisle’s initial success is the functionality and ease of use of the platform. Users simply text a photo of their grocery receipt and if a cashback offer is found, they are immediately rewarded with a direct Venmo cash payment. If no rewards are found, Aisle will make reward-worthy product recommendations from its brand partner network that can be redeemed in a future grocery run.

“Aisle aims to make grocery shopping more affordable, fun and connected. Gen Z and Millennial shoppers are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest brands and products, they care about making smart purchases from the brands they love, and they value instant gratification. With all of this in mind, Aisle has been deliberately designed to provide personalized and informative service with round-the-clock customer support, an extensive and rapidly growing list of premium brand partners and endless instant rewards to to earn “- commented Chris Tiffin, founder of Aisle.

Prior to founding Aisle, 25-year-old entrepreneur Chris Tiffin was Director of DTC Growth at Super Coffee, a ready-to-drink caffeinated energy drink brand, where he grew his online revenue from $700,000 to more than 5 million dollars in just two years. The Super Coffee founders have now joined Aisle’s advisory and investment board alongside Boulder Food Group, General Catalyst, as well as a number of executives from Amazon, Microsoft, Quadpay, among others.

“Aisle enables brands to connect more instantly, intimately and effectively with their shoppers in-store and online. COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on how brands communicate and market their products to consumers as customer expectations continue to rise. Our platform is the perfect marketing and communications tool for any CPG brand looking to grow their customer base and stay connected with loyal fans while expanding into mass retail in the modern landscape. – added Tiffin.

Aisle operates on a business-to-business revenue model, which makes it completely free for consumers. Brands are charged a one-time activation fee and a flat dollar amount on sales conversions.

The platform’s growth projections exceed three million monthly active users by 2023 and its expansion across all store aisles, from deodorants and toothbrushes to apples and liquors in 2022.

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