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Actor Matthew Modine will be a keynote speaker at RootsTech 2022

An award-winning actor and a French baker will be among the keynote speakers headlining RootsTech 2022 in March.

Actor Matthew Modine and French baker Apollonia Poilâne were recently announced as the first of several keynote speakers for the upcoming March 3-5 virtual event, according to FamilySearch.

The three-day World Family History Conference is being held entirely online for the second year in a row and is free to the public.

Who is Matthieu Modine?

Modine was drawn to acting at a young age because his father ran a drive-in cinema. He acted in several high school plays and later attended the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York.

Modine has starred in over 75 films and dozens of TV shows since the early 1980s. He credits his wife of over 40 years, Puerto Rican producer Caridad Rivera, for giving him the confidence he needed to become an actor. Modine is the recipient of a Golden Globe Award and has shared the screen with well-known actors such as Mel Gibson and Nicolas Cage. One of his most recent roles is as Dr. Martin Brenner on Netflix’s “Stranger Things.”

Modine was invited to RootsTech after meeting Steve Rockwood, CEO of FamilySearch.

In his RootsTech remarks, Modine will recount his life’s journey as a young boy in California and Utah, share his discovery of how New York is actually more of a home than an adopted home, and discuss the connections that he established along the way. , including a special connection to an uncle whose Air Force uniform Modine wore as a B-17 captain in the movie “Memphis Belle.”

“Can we, as humans, create a little ripple of positivity and kindness that will impact the (ripples) of others?” Modine said in a press release. “And my ripple will connect to another ripple and create a great wave of change. This is how you connect to people…don’t think you are above others.

Matthew Modine is the pilot of the “Memphis Belle” in the 1990 film.
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Who is Apollonia Poilane?

Apollonia Poilâne runs the world famous Boulangerie Poilâne in Paris.

As the daughter and granddaughter of bakers, she grew up surrounded by the smell of freshly baked bread. Her life changed when her parents died in a helicopter crash.

Orphaned with her younger sister at 18, Poilâne took on the responsibility of running her family’s bakery while completing her studies at Harvard University.

Today, Poilâne continues to operate the bakery in addition to several other businesses. She has written and contributed to over a dozen cookbooks, the most recent being “Poilâne: The Secrets of World-Famous Baking”. She attributes her family’s philosophy and wisdom to her success.

In her keynote, Poilâne will talk about the binding power of bread and how her father and grandfather’s timeless recipes connect her to her heritage.

“Bread connects people,” she said in a press release. “I love the bond it creates when people share it.”

Apollonia Poilâne, CEO of Poilâne Bakery in Paris, France, will be the keynote speaker at RootsTech 2022, taking place March 3-5, 2022.

Apollonia Poilâne, CEO of Poilâne Bakery in Paris, France, will be the keynote speaker at RootsTech 2022, taking place March 3-5, 2022.

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