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A lifeboat helps rescue three people, including a baby, after a yacht caught fire off the coast of Brighton

The Coastguard responded to a ‘developing incident’ off Brighton on Monday afternoon (May 2). Volunteers from the RNLI crew were called at around 2.30pm to an incident involving a yacht which had a baby on board.

The yacht registered in France had suffered an engine fire and had lost all power. Three people, including the baby, were on board at the time of the incident, which occurred when sailing conditions were deemed “good” with “calm seas”.

Random Harvest, the RNLI vessel, responded to the incident which happened about 3.5 miles southwest of Brighton Marina. Fortunately, by the time volunteers arrived on the scene, the fire had already been extinguished by those on board the affected yacht.

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The yacht was then towed to shore where the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service was waiting to make sure everyone was safe and healthy. No injuries were reported from the fire.

Roger Cohen, lifeboat operations manager, said: “Fortunately the yacht owner was able to put out the fire with fire extinguishers on board. The East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service came to confirm the fire was out.

“Please ensure you have a suitable fire extinguisher on board which has been regularly serviced and a means of calling for help. Fires on board can escalate quickly and you should plan an evacuation.

The Coastguard said the call was the second over the weekend for the volunteer crew in Brighton, who have so far launched 22 times in 2022. Those in an emergency or spotting anyone else in trouble should call 999 or 112 and ask for the coast guard.

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