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A case of dengue fuels the spraying of insecticides in the Paris suburbs

Emergency mosquito control measures were put in place at the start of the week after a woman with flu-like symptoms in Alfortville (Val-de-Marne) was diagnosed with dengue, prompting the town to put in implementation of emergency mosquito control measures.

The woman did not contract a severe form of the tropical disease from the mosquito that bitten her, but the town has been placed on alert, its streets sprayed with insecticide in the early morning to prevent its spread.

If tiger mosquitoes already present in Val-de-Marne were to bite the patient, they too could become vectors of the disease.

The infection is usually mild and goes away after about a week, but in rare cases can be life threatening. Common symptoms include a high temperature and joint pain.

“When the doctor confirmed the diagnosis of dengue, he contacted us immediately,” explained Éric Véchard, director of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Val-de-Marne. South West.

The local branch of the ARS has since identified five cases in Val-de-Marne and recommends that residents keep the windows closed at night.

Endemic to tropical regions, dengue has spread around the world with around 390 million infections per year, according to the WHO, which has seen an eight-fold increase over the past two decades.

Mosquito alert in the North

While mosquitoes tend to be more of a problem in the summer, the rainy summer weather and high temperatures persisting until September encouraged them to stay.

Once again this week, Lille and the Nord department were reported by the Vigilance Mosquitoes website due to a high number of bites and an “unusual proliferation” of mosquitoes.

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