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Instant cash access up to $100

SAN FRANCISCO, October 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Bank Varoonly digital national bank, launches Varo Advance, an innovative product that advances instantly up to $100 to eligible customers and gives customers more flexibility and control over their finances. Designed to help customers proactively manage their finances, Varo Advance provides instant access to up to $100 cash […]

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Macron speaks of “existential” fight against terrorism after the death of a teacher in France | France

President Emmanuel Macron has declared France’s battle against Islamic terrorism “existential” after the murder of a teacher after showing his class a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad from the satirical Charlie Hebdo newspaper. Macron, who visited the site near a school 25 km northwest of Paris, said the victim had been “murdered” and his killer […]

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Do I have to inform the town hall when I buy accommodation in France?

Question: Am I legally obliged to inform the town hall when I buy a house and / or move to a new town in France? Reply: This is a timely question because the government has just clarified that it will not create a census of new inhabitants in the cities of France. So the short […]